Mark is known for his relaxed style and warm, charismatic personality. He brings great insight and wisdom while maintaining compassion and a sense of humor. A popular speaker, Mark's spontaneous approach to life and healing have provided inspiration to many people struggling with life’s challenges. Mark brings an extensive knowledge for individuals desiring personal and relational healing in their lives. 

Mark's greatest goal is to help others develop into a healthy and whole individual, and to embrace life's journey. In his own life, a life-threatening car accident gave Mark first-hand experience in overcoming trauma, and motivated him to live life in the moment. He has a personal passion for living each day to the fullest,  and maximizing life with healthy relationships. In the therapeutic process, Mark empowers the client to discover his or her own resolve, while at the same time directing the client into a safe path of self-discovery. Mark helps others to actualize the value of their individual being and inspires them to experience their maximum potential. 

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Darren Bagwell, MA

I consider it a privilege to be let into your journey. The courage and vulnerability it takes for you to pursue psychotherapy are not taken for granted. I am passionate about understanding what health looks like for you and am committed to journey with you as you work toward health and wholeness. Working mostly from an attachment perspective, I desire to help you process past wounds and experiences that affect current functioning. I enjoy helping individuals work through challenging life issues, relationship difficulties, attachment wounds, trauma, depression and anxiety while finding their unique calling and purpose in life. I hope to foster an environment of hope and safety to assist you in becoming your best self.

Darren Bagwell is married with two small children, and has also owned his own small business in the Orange County area. He has a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Hope International University and a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology with a minor in biblical studies from Vanguard University. Darren is passionate about helping you navigate through the complexities of life in order to find the best solution available. He has clinical experience working with anxiety, depression, divorce complications, co-parenting, adjustment issues, addiction, trauma, and relational conflict. He enjoys working with Individuals that feel stuck or struggling to find their path as well as couples, families and teenagers.

Darren has completed initial training for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), which is the leading approach for PTSD and those suffering from traumatic events. He is also Prepared and Enriched certified. Darren is passionate about helping couples and families break the damaging cycle of emotional disconnection so that they can experience safety and connection.  

Darren will be working as a registered intern working under the clinical supervision of Mark Howerton LMFT #46047

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I look forward to joining you where you are and exploring the road together to help you actualize your full potential. I approach the therapeutic relationship from an eclectic perspective, drawing upon many theoretical orientations including: psychodynamic, family systems, object relations, cognitive-behavioral and existential therapy. For those who wish to incorporate their faith, I use an integrative approach combining spiritual, philosophical and theological foundations in order to help you connect to deeper purpose and meaning in your life.

Douglas G. Pierson has a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. Douglas is a champion of helping others find personal growth by working through life's challenges. Douglas is passionate about helping individuals, children, men and women, and couples find success in their relationships. Douglas has clinical experience working with anxiety, depression, anger-management, parent-child relationships, men's issues, life-stage adjustments and drug and alcohol addiction. Douglas hopes to help you reduce stress, clarify your thoughts and feelings, find tools to solve problems more effectively, resolve disagreements, and know yourself better.

Douglas also has a background in student leadership and development serving at both Vanguard University and Concordia University, where he was responsible for mentoring over 100 student leaders. Doug also enjoyed the privilege of teaching multiple sections of a freshman course designed to help students through one of their most significant life adjustments by providing skills to enjoy balanced life.

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Douglas Pierson, LMFT

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